2009 Road Trip Day 1

I pulled out at about 9:00 AM and headed north on I-35 for Oklahoma City. The RT really wanted to stretsh its legs but me being cheap, I kept the speed down. The first gas stop was in Norman, and it looks like I’m getting around 48 mpg. After lunch and fuel, I continued north and picked up I-44 in Oklahoma City and headed east toward my destination, Springfield, MO. The ride was good and went fast thanks to the 75 mph limit on the Oklahoma turnpikes. The bike really ate up the miles! One more gas stop in Joplin, MO (have I mentioned how much I love the fuel capacity?) and I was on the home stretch. I pulled in to Springfield at around 5:20, got a room, and unpacked the bike.

The Bill Mayer saddle is amazing. My jacked up back gave up before my backside did. I couldn’t have done 230 miles on the stock saddle, but it was no big deal. ┬áDefinitely 2 cheeks up!

Mileage for the day: 471