Office Redo – Part 2

After Liturgy and a quick trip to Home Depot and Lowes it was time to get the carpets vacuumed and the walls washed to cut down on some of the dust. I was also able to remove the crappy shelf in the closet, which will be replaced with more modular units before this whole project is done.

Office Redo – Part 1

Busy day today, getting everything moved out of the office to start getting ready to paint and put the new desk together. Way too much kitty litter dust in everything. I think there’s a Rug Doctor in my future because now’s the perfect time to clean the carpet. Moving the servers and network gear out was interesting, but everything’s back up and running in a temporary location, also known as the living room. And I only lost one switch, the one from the FiOS ONT to all of the network devices. It just wouldn’t get link to the ONT, but since I had a spare it was only a minor setback.

Finished Getting The RT Ready

I went down to one of the club member’s house to get my brakes bled and the fuel filter replaced. It was interesting seeing how it’s done, especially considering I wasn’t aware that there are separate reservoirs in the ABS unit for the calipers. What came out was not pretty looking and it was good that we did it before the trip. The fuel filter went in fine, no problems there, and other than a broken fuel line quick disconnect, nothing major went awry. The bike’s much happier now!