A Day Of Running Around

After getting back from the BMW club meeting I hit the road for points east, namely checking out a chocolate store, Doughmonkey, and a trip to Half Price Books to restock the to-be-read stack.

Doughmonkey was excellent. Lots of yummy varietal chocolates and other baked goodies. I picked up a couple bars of Patric Chocolate, some lemon pound cake, and a small, single serving chocolate cake.

After that I went over to Half Price Books to pick up some books. I got a couple more of Peter Hamilton’s Neutronium Alchemist series, filled in the last hole in my set of the Honor Harrington series, a couple more Jack McDevitt books, two heart healthy cookbooks because I really need to lower my cholesterol, and a copy of Long Way Round, the story of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s around the world motorcycle ride.

Finally, a stop at Central Market for some breakfast and lunch type stuff.