A Bunch Of Landscaping

I’ve been pretty frustrated at the state of the landscaping in my front yard. It’s been a mess for a while with lots of overgrown shrubs and a layout that’s just way too dense. So on Saturday I had some landscapers come over and remove all of the shrubs and other plants. Then on Sunday a couple friends came over and we planted some new flowers and mulched everything. It took about 40 bags of mulch to get everything covered, but it looks great now. There are some before and after pictures in the gallery.

We also planted a couple fig trees in the back yard. Hopefully they’ll have some figs on them next year.

1 thought on “A Bunch Of Landscaping

  1. Quite a drastic change, landscaping is a great thing you can do to improve your living space. Once bit of advice…you may want to add at least one more level of plant if not two. Something for a focal point on either side of your walk way…Pom poms or spiral arborvities are sweet.

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