Amazingly Slow Fermentation

I finally got the latest batch of my 50 wt. Wheat out of the secondary and into the keg this evening. It was a two week secondary fermentation, but the final gravity is down to 1.013, which is close enough to done that I’m not going to let it go any further down. I think that the cold snap we got threw off the fermentation. The chiller worked too well and I’m thinking that the yeast slowed down a little too much.

Now I’ve run in to a problem. I’ve got three kegs in the fridge, one almost empty, but still three kegs. My CO2 system has only two taps on the low pressure side, so I’ve got two kegs hooked up to the gas end, the stout and the new batch of wheat, and the old batch of wheat and the stout connected to the taps. It’s not ideal and I think I’m going to be upgrading that part of the system at some point.