Brewing The Baltic Porter

I tried something a little different, thanks to the damp weather, and did my brewing in the garage instead of either the kitchen or back porch.  It was much easier having the room to work and being at least partly shielded from the elements.

The Northern Brewer kit was pretty easy to work with, though I’m not a fan of dry malt extract.  It’s just too much of a pain to dissolve.  But other than that it was a straightforward extract plus steeped grains brew.  I’m a little under on the original gravity, 1.072 versus 1.075, but that’s close enough.  The yeast’s been pitched and I’m just waiting for fermentation to kick off.  This one’s got a bit of aging to do once it’s in the secondary, so it won’t be in bottles until some time in late March.  Stay tuned for updates!