Drinking Some More Of The Cupertino Kool-Ade

My mobile let me down again yesterday, stubbornly refusing to alert me to calls, even though it was happily buzzing away that I’d missed them. Piece of junk.

The Southlake Apple Store had iPhones in stock and now I’ve got one. The number ported over in about 15 minutes, which was a big surprise as I was expecting days of waiting.

I’m definitely not going to give a review of the phone here, there’s plenty of people who do that for a living who have beaten that dead horse into a pulp. But for me it’s excellent. I’ve found just about every app I used regularly on the Palm except for a few games, but I’ll track down time wasters, have no fear. The only big one missing right now is a PalmDOC reader. Mobi doesn’t have one out yet and I’m looking for alternatives.

It is nice to be able to read my email anywhere though…