Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, I turned 31 today and spent the morning fighting with ALSA quirks in order to get the line-in jack on my sound card to work. It’s the next step in the hamshack rebuild, since I’m going to be moving away from Windows.

After that I headed out to Bicycles Inc. to pick up shoes and other stuff for the new bike. I ended up with shoes, gloves, a pair of bike socks, and a helmet.

After that I had to go to PetSmart to pick up some more food for the girls, which I really should have done at some other time because the mall traffic mall traffic was really crappy.

Then I tracked down a friend and we went over to Boi Na Braza, a Brazilian churrascaria, to satisfy the carnivore in me.

Finally, I kicked back and watched Hero, the Chinese film that Quentin Tarantino was promoting in the US this past year. It was absolutely wonderful. It and Crouching Tiger have really made me want to find some more films in the same genre.