Motorcycle Trip Day 11

I hit the road at 8:00 in the morning, stopped for a quick breakfast in Knoxville, and headed down I-40 towards Little Rock. The day started out almost cold, to the point where I was thinking about breaking out the sweatshirt.

As I moved west through Tennessee the change in geography was amazing. The eastern side of the state is a lot prettier than the western side. As for I-40, I’m beginning to think that it’s a NASCAR training track. I was doing 80 and was still getting passed like I was standing still. Once I got into Arkansas the truckers got a lot more obnoxious, flat out refusing to share the road at all. I was stuck behind two trucks running side beside below the speed limit for miles. I finally had it with them and split lanes past them at around 100 mph. Jerks!

In spite of that I made good enough time to push on past my planned stop and finally called it a night in Little Rock. The hot weather is back and those few extra miles will mean less to ride tomorrow. I did about 540 miles today.