Motorcycle Trip Day 2

We had some severe weather roll through the part of Kansas I was in last night. It was a good thing I decided to stop when I did. The nasty weather was still there in the morning so I left a little later to give it time to blow through.

The rest of the ride through Kansas was a bit damp but uneventful. I got in to Kansas City just before noon, ate lunch and made my way to the rally site.

I wasn’t the first person in, but pretty close to it! This would prove its worth because the good campsite under the trees kept me drier when the overnight storms hit.

Lee set up the keg and beer consumption started, helped out by some of Turbo Sam’s Wild Turkey. There was a pretty good turnout today with about 35 people showing up early. I finally turned in at around 10:30.

There’s no cell service here so this update will get posted when I get back in to Kansas City.