Motorcycle Trip Day 3

We had some strong thunderstorms roll through overnight but the tent held up well. I didn’t though, it was a sleepless night.

Lee led a group out to The Cracker Barrel for breakfast before we went to the plant for the tour. It was a nice ride out over a bunch of country roads.

The plant tour was a lot of fun, even though the Sportster line was shut down for retooling. We got a bunch of pictures outside and the obligatory shirt.

After that we headed back to the campground where the beer drinking commenced.

The factory sent a couple guys out with 2 Sportsters and a custom V-Rod that’s being raffled off (I bought a ticket). The Sportsters were audit bikes and we got to give them a look over in exchange for some Harley doo-dads.

As the night wore on things got progressively wilder. Especially the lap and table dances!