Motorcycle Trip Day 4

Recovering from the fun of last night was the morning’s goal. Things got a little out of hand last night, but it was all good fun.

After that Cat and I headed out to St. Joe’s Harley-Davidson to pick up some new footpegs because the small highway pegs that I’ve got are killing my feet. It started raining on the way out and my boots got thoroughly soaked, so I added some gaitors to the shopping list. After looking around I settled on the Skull footpegs. They’re wider than the ones I’ve got and will hopefully work out well. I also picked up a rare Sportster t-shirt and the boot gaitors. I did have a problem with the footpegs though. I got all the way back to the campsite and started installing them only to find that the left peg’s adjuster hole was drilled wrong. I raced back to the dealer to get a replacement and got there 15 minutes before they closed. The replacement peg fit perfectly and at least on the ride back they were a lot more comfortable.

After dinner we headed over to the amplitheater for the concert and raffle drawing. The first band, Crisis, put on a good set of covers and original pieces. After that we had the raffle drawing where I won a $20 gift certificate from Reb’s After the raffle the headliner, The Jeff Scheetz Band took the stage. They were absolutely amazing. Great guitars, fantastic original pieces and some good covers as well! I picked up a CD to enjoy later.

After the concert I headed off to sleep to be rested for the ride to Peoria on Sunday.