Motorcycle Trip Day 8

I left Peoria a little earlier than I had planned but that ended up being a good thing. It was almost chilly this morning, especially with the vented jacket!

I found the Champaign, IL dealer by accident as I pulled off for gas and picked up a shirt and had a nice chat with a fellow Sportster rider.

The new seat is working out well though my butt is still getting used to it. I think it, the early start, and the cooler weather were why I made it to my planned stop by 12:30. After eating some lunch I decided to push on a little farther.

I got a little lost in Louisville looking for a dealer to buy a shirt from and stopped in an Enterprise car rental lot to call them when one of the emlpoyees came out offering me some water to drink. I thanked her and got directions to the dealer. It turned out that I was one exit off.

When I got to the dealer I got to see a car fire at the gas station next door. That was my excitement for the day! The staff at Bluegrass Harley-Davidson were friendly and helpful and didn’t give me any ribbing about touring on a Sportster.

After that I made my way to Lexington, KY where I stopped for the night. Putting that extra distance on today means that I will be able to run Deal’s Gap tomorrow as well as Friday.