We went out to Frisco to see Cirque Du Soleil’s newest production, OVO.  This was my first Cirque show, and I was not disappointed.  We had great seats, sitting in the second row mid-way out on stage right, and could see a lot more of the details of the performance than we would have had we been sitting further out.  We were directly under one of the trapeze swings, and wore a little chalk after their act was done.  The costumes and set design were incredible, a riot of color and shapes, mostly organic in keeping with the theme of the show.  And the music, oh the music.  Having a live band and a vocalist that took part in the show was great!  The clowns interacted with the audience quite a bit, including some people a few seats away from us.  It was a great time and I’ll be going back the next time a show comes through.