Some Puttering In The Garden

I did a little work in the garden this morning, before the Texas summer came up to full power. The squash plants, those under performing wastes of garden space, have been retired to the beginnings of a compost pile. I only got one fruit off of the three of them and it was more of a gourd than a squash. They’ve been replaced with a thin, smooth skinned variety, so hopefully within a week I’ll have sprouts.

After that the peas got removed. They were fun, and I’ll probably plant snow peas again next year, but I just don’t have enough room to dedicate to them to grow enough to make a couple meals out of them. So I seeded in some burpless cucumbers. I tried one of the pickling ones in a salad and wasn’t impressed, so they’re all just going to go into brine. The burpless on the other hand are a known quantity since I grew some last year. Tasty and prolific.

After that a general course of weeding and watering and I’m done before the heat becomes unbearable.