Sunday’s Adventures In Brewing

I ran up to Homebrew HQ to pick up some kegging supplies, specifically a third CO2 supply line since I have a third port on the check valve. Unfortunately, that third port isn’t flowing gas so I’m still stuck at two lines. I’ll expand later.

After that I kegged the wheat beer I started a couple weeks ago. Final gravity was a little higher than I expected at 1.013 but it’s very tasty even straight out of the carboy. A week or two in the fridge and it’s going to be yummy! Too bad Lent’s starting. I guess it’ll be a weekend treat until Pascha.

Finally I took three pounds of honey that one of my godbrothers brought back from Holy Archangels Monastery. The monks there keep bees and have some honey to spare. It’s really good stuff, almost untouched. I dissolved three pounds into a final volume of a gallon and pitched a packet of Lalvin D-47. It’ll be a nice treat for him once it’s done…