Tennessee Ride – Day 1

After dropping Heather off at the airport, I came back home and loaded the last few things on the bike, had a little breakfast, then hit the road. The new helmet is doing well, it’s nice having music in my ears without being tethered. The weather was a little cooler than I’d expected, but not uncomfortable. I’d planned for today to be a little longer of a ride, hoping to get to at least Memphis. The route took me up 121 to 380, then over to Greenville where I picked up I-30 and headed east. I grabbed a little lunch in Texarkana, gassed up, and headed in to Arkansas. They’ve cleaned up the roads quite a bit, and I had no problems getting through to Memphis. That’s when the fun started, because thanks to the holiday weekend and the Grizzlies game, finding a room for the night was more difficult than I’d thought. I did eventually find one, and got the bike unpacked before dinner time. Tomorrow should be an easy ride, with a stop in Nashville to meet up with one of Heather’s friends for lunch.