The Faded Sun Trilogy

I’ve been a fan of C. J. Cherryh for a while and picked this one up as my other reading for the trip out to San Jose. I got part of the way through it on the flight back, but didn’t finish it until tonight. The work is definitely a little dated, especially in regards to the technology, but the story really doesn’t suffer from it. Definitely some elements of Dune in it as well.

The story starts at the end of a war between humans and regul, who fought by using proxy mercenaries called the mri. The mri got slaughtered because of how different humanity treated the war. From that beginning we move through intrigue and betrayal as the few remaining mri struggle to find their ancestral home.

It was a great book and reading it brought me back to an author I’d neglected. I’ve got the beginning of some other series which I need to re-read and then finish off now…