The Peshawar Lancers

Vulpine gave me a copy of [amazon_link id=”0451458737″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=””]The Peshawar Lancers[/amazon_link] for Christmas and thanks to school and work I haven’t been able to read it as quickly as I really wanted to.  It was a very well written book, and I really wanted to read it faster, but responsibility won out.

It’s an alternative history story about the world as it exists after most of Europe and America are wiped out thanks to massive cometary impacts in the late 1870s.  The British Empire has relocated to India and now rules about half of the world, though elements that make up the other half aren’t happy about that.  There’s a lot of well written action, good political intrigue, and just a great, believable story.  If you’re a fan of S.M. Stirling’s other works, or if you like the alternative history genre, you should check it out.