The Drama Of The Vet Visit

I had to take the girls to the vet (The Cat Hospital of Las Colinas) for their annual checkup. Poor Freya just couldn’t handle seeing the carrier and urinated on the floor out of fear. I got that cleaned up and her loaded in her carrier without any more trouble. But then it was Luna’s turn. She did alright, but shredded my shirt because she decided that she didn’t want to be carried. After getting both of them loaded in the Jeep we went in to the vet. Five minutes from the office Freya defecated and threw up in her carrier. That’s a combination of odors that I recommend everyone experience.

Other than that the visit was uneventful. They’re healthy and up to date on their shots, though they’re a little overweight, so we’ve put them on diet food. They really don’t like it, but they’re going to have to get used to it because they really do need to lose some weight.

They’re both happy to be home and I’m hoping they’ll forgive me some time before I have to do this again.