Washington D.C. Trip – Day 4

Got dressed up and went up to the Capitol for Sen. Cornyn‘s Texas Tuesday coffee hour. By luck I got to talk to one of the Senator’s aides whose specialty is health care. It was lucky because I had planned to discuss S.616, a bill which would close a HIPAA loophole. After talking there and meeting the Senator I went out and got a pass to go see the Senate in session and got to hear Sen. Kennedy speak for a little while.

After leaving the Capitol the next stop was the Supreme Court. It’s a really interesting building, and although the tour was short it was informative. I got to see the chambers and some of the other features of the building and took some interesting photos.

Right next door to the Supreme Court building is the Library of Congress. I didn’t take the tour, opting instead to walk around and see a little of the building’s beautiful decorations. I didn’t get to go in to the reading room, but that’s OK.

The last bit of sightseeing was actually the longest and most time consuming. I spent time on the west end of The Mall at the monuments. There were a lot of people at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, with many touching tributes left by families and loved ones. I also saw the Vietnam Women Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, The World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. All of them were very touching and I’m glad that I took the time to walk all that way to see all of them.

Dinner tonight was at a restaurant in China Town.