Weekend Sportster Work

I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but I did get the tach installed, and it’s working fine. That’s the good news. The bad news is that all the work that I did on the carb was for naught. It’s still leaking gas. So on Monday I’m going to go pick up a few more parts and see if I can get it sealed up. Currently it’s looking like a problem with the floats or fuel inlet valve. So the current shopping list is:

1. Float bowl gasket
2. New fuel inlet valve w/ seal
3. New turn signal indicator lamp (it’s burned out)

And then re-set the float levels, replace the valve and gasket, and try again. If this doesn’t work I’m going to pay someone to fix it.

One thought on “Weekend Sportster Work

  1. I had the same problem in my 1989 FXSTC. It turns out that in the 1990 model the size of the float was increased. This gives a greater force for the needle to seat. I brought a carbie from a 1996 bike on ebay. I have never since had the need to close my tank petcock.

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