Working On The Sporster

I set aside today to work on the Sporster. The left turn signal switch was broken and needed to be replaced and I planned to do a 10,000 mile service. Well, I got the switches replaced with new, shiny chrome ones. But in the process of doing that I had to remove the throttle cables, which meant that I had to take apart the air cleaner. This was a good thing because the air filter was shot and the air cleaner itself, a Dragtron II, was in pretty bad shape. I couldn’t find another filter and so I went up to American Eagle Harley Davidson to pick up the Screamin’ Eagle air cleaner that I’ve been putting my pennies away for. I also had to pick up a new enricher cable because the one that I had on there was broken.

So now the bike’s got a shiny new air cleaner and is running much better. I didn’t get to the fluid changes or the bath, so that’s the plan for Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Working On The Sporster

  1. I’m assuming that you’ve already taken the carb off of the intake manifold. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the carb end of the cable you’ll see a black plastic boot that bends at a 90 degree angle with a hex nut at the end. That nut holds the cable on. Take that off and there’s a small spring and the enricher valve inside there. The cable’s connected to the valve, so separate them, save the rubber boot, the elbow, the nut, the spring, and the valve. You’ll re-use those parts. Also, be careful when tightening this side and the knob side, they’re plastic and it doesn’t take much overtightening to break them.

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