2011 Reese’s Birthday Run – Day 9

On this leg of the ride home I started picking up some more ICR points.  Starting with one of the springs in Eureka Springs.  After that I motored down the road to Terra Studios to take pictures of (and buy some) Blue Birds of Happiness.  After that I had my first real bit of trouble.  I let my pride get the better of me and spent a little over an hour on a succession of one lane dirt, rock, and gravel roads, mostly in first gear, in a failed attempt to find the next point.  After being chased by some goats and riding through someone’s pasture (no kidding, the road actually continued over some cattle guards and through a pasture), I found a road that would take me back to pavement quickly.  That was miserable, and I won’t be doing that again on a touring bike.  After striking out there, I got to The Cliff House Inn and took the needed picture and then set out for the next point.  That one also had to be aborted because it was down another one of those dirt roads, and while I may not be the brightest bulb, even I can learn from my mistakes given sufficient pounding.  Skipping that one, I rode over to Mt. Nebo State Park and enjoyed some really nice twisty roads to get to the photo point.  After that it was over to get a picture of the lodge in Mt. Magazine State Park, enjoying some more twisties.  The last two points were both in Paris, AR: Hannigan Fairings and the Grapevine Restaurant.  After that I made my way over to Mena, AR for the night and got settled in for the ride home tomorrow.