Zeroing the AR

Alex and I went out to Quail Creek Range to zero a couple rifles in. I finally got time to run some rounds down the new AR and he had a .22 which he needed to sight a newly attached scope.

We should have called the day the Quail Creek Mud Bowl as the overnight rain turned most of the range into a quagmire. It was fun slipping and sliding every time we went down to change targets!

Back to the subject of this post… Stag claimed it was zeroed from the factory, and the 25 yard range showed that to be close to the case, but it did need a bit of windage adjustment. After we got it dialed in we moved on to the 100 yard range for some real testing. Elevation was spot on, and after a few more tweaks of the windage adjuster and I’m down to 1 to 1.5″ groups. Not too shabby for factory ammo on a brand spanking new rifle.

The first bit of upgrading I’m going to do is a trigger job. The trigger is a bit rough, with a strong pull and a sharp break. I’m going to pull the trigger group before I go up to Illinois for Christmas and send it off to be polished. It’ll be back by the time I am and then I’ll re-install and test. Look for a report then…