Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Day, which is probably the closest we’ll get to the quintessential American holiday. I know Independence Day sounds like it, but we really can’t stake claim on that one since we don’t hold a unique claim on a struggle for independence from some other king, ruler, or lord. Today we give thanks for all which our Creator has, through His grace, granted to us.

As citizens of The United States of America we are blessed to enjoy the standard of living we do, and to have the opportunities, both globally and locally, that we do.

While you’re noshing down on turkey, stuffing, and the various sundries associated with today’s meal, take some time to give thanks for what you, through the grace of God, have been given.

And as tomorrow, in our secular world, starts the orgy of capitalism leading up to the now mostly secular Christmas holiday, take some time from your excess to think of those who aren’t so lucky. Just in case you need some suggestions, try your local food bank, the Salvation Army’s angel trees, the Red Cross, or your local homeless or battered women’s shelters.

Do something good with some of what God has provided, your spouses, significant others, children, parents, and friends shouldn’t think worse of you. If they do, maybe you should address that…