2010 Road Trip – Day 8

The last day in Canada saw me heading down 5A from Kamloops. It’s a really nice road, with lots of twisties to keep you interested. After a little play time I got back on 5, going southwest towards Vancouver. More chilly weather in the mountains and lots of turns and elevation changes as I made my way to the border. The wait to get to the border crossing in Sumas, WA was longer than I’d expected and I had to turn the bike off a few times to keep it from overheating while I waited my turn. This crossing was a lot easier than the last one, and once back in the US I headed for Seattle. Traffic was a bear, but I made it through to the Tacoma Narrows bridge and ultimately to the island for the weekend party.

The tent is pitched, the beer is cold, and I’m going to be enjoying a relaxing weekend before heading for home.