2015 Christmas Cruise – Day 6

Here it is! Christmas Day in the Caribbean has finally come, and we’re in port in Grenada. We booked a tour of the island, and really enjoyed it. This is an island that we wouldn’t mind coming back to. Unfortunately, it was pouring when we arrived and I had to run back up to the cabin to grab our ponchos. We got off the ship, made our way to the port building, and waited out the rain. Once it cleared, we got on the bus and started the tour. Our guide took us through many of the small villages that make up Grenada before stopping at the Dougaldston Spice Estate, one of the spice plantations on the island. We got to see nutmeg growing on the trees, as well as learning how it is harvested and prepared for sale. In addition we got to try some of the local chocolate, which was delicious. From there we headed in to Gouyave to visit the Gouyave Nutmeg Station, one of the nutmeg processing stations. It was amazing to see fifty pound sacks of nutmeg sitting there waiting to be shipped out. And our noses were definitely overwhelmed by the scents in the air. Before we left, we picked up a bunch of nutmeg, mace, and other spices at incredibly low prices. Next on the tour was the Grand Etang National Park, which was incredibly beautiful. The Grenadans have done a good job preserving the natural beauty of the area while still making it accessible to visitors. We nosed around a little, took some pictures, tried some rum punch, and then got back on the bus to go to the last stop on the tour. The final stop was one of the forts that overlooks the harbor. The view was spectacular, even with another one of the rain showers coming on.

With the tour completed and our backpack full of spices, we headed back to the ship to enjoy the rest of our Christmas day. That included a short nap before getting dressed up for Christmas Dinner in the main dining room. They had a few special items on the menu, but the real treats were dessert. I had the English Christmas Pudding and Heather had the gingerbread soufflé.