2015 Christmas Cruise – Day 9

This is the first of the cruise’s two sea days as we make our way back to port. It was pretty boring, but there were a few things to note. We slept in, got some breakfast, then headed down to deck 7 in order to buy a couple future cruise credits. They’re a great deal if you’re going to cruise again in the next two years. Basically, Princess considers them a deposit, and gives you some on-board spending money for using them that varies by the length of the cruise you book. We’ve already decided to do this again next year, so it was a no brainer to save some money.

After lunch, we did a little packing and got ready for the final formal night of the cruise. We did a few more pictures, but dined pretty early because there was a movie playing on the Movies Under The Stars screen that we wanted to see. We got to lay back on comfy deck chairs, munch on popcorn, and watch Ant Man in the beautiful Caribbean weather. It was a relaxing way to spend an evening. And I finally got to try the Denali Red beer, by Kenai River Brewing Company which was also pretty good.