Amici Signature Italian

I had to go to Warehouse Photographic to pick up a couple filters for the new camera and due to a wreck on I-35 I hopped off the freeway one exit sooner and cut through Old Downtown Carrollton to get over to Belt Line. I noticed the restaurant as I was passing by it and made a mental note to head back and check it out.

So this evening I went back. The first interesting thing was that the restaurant is upstairs. It kind of reminded me of the restaurants in Finland. As for the food and service, what can I say but that they were excellent, no, outstanding. This is one fantastic restaurant! The menu is ecclecticly Italian with a good mix of beef, veal, seafood, and chicken dishes. My meal was large enough that I didn’t have room for dessert so that will be tried another time. But there definitely will be another visit!