Bachelor Party Stuff

A bunch of us met up at Elm Fork Shooting Sports for some festivities involving stripper clips, WWII military rifles as well as more modern semi-automatics, handguns of many different calibers, and just fun in general. I’m just really not a fan of the typical drunken excesses that seem to have become the expected bachelor party fare. It’s a waste of money and doesn’t really do anything for me. Range time, on the other hand, can burn through just as much cash, especially when you get in to oddball calibers, and in my mind is a lot more satisfying.

We got started early, before the heat had a chance to build, spending some time over at the steel bays, shooting a little of whatever anyone brought, and then moved over to the 50 yard rifle range to play with some of the long guns. Much fun was had by all, there will probably be a few bruised shoulders tomorrow, but all-in-all a satisfying way to spend a morning with friends and family.