Back To Work, Back To School

First day back at work and there’s lots of stuff to do. I definitely kept myself busy. We got in the new server we’ve been waiting for only to find that HP shipped us the wrong one, not just the wrong configuration but the wrong server. The serial numbers don’t match!

I also went to church this evening and was greeted with a surprise. Fr. John and Fr. Michael have ripped out some of the walls and floors to expand one of the rooms. There’s a lot of work going on! I’m going to bring some new insulation up for the duct work since what’s up there is pretty well trashed.

This evening was also the first day of class, DBM/405 (Database Management Systems). The University of Phoenix changed the start day for their on-line classes from Thursday to Tuesday so I lost a couple days of break this time, but it hasn’t changed the class schedule one bit due to the big gap caused by Christmas and Thanksgiving.