Banger Brewing Tour And Tasting

I had some free time today, because Heather was working late, so I grabbed a cab and headed down to Fremont Street to visit Banger Brewing for a tour and tasting. They’re a small brewery right on the old strip. It was interesting to see just how much they’re able to do in such a small space. They’re not distributed outside of the Las Vegas area, so if you’re out there, go check them out.

The first beer I had was the More Cal-Bel, their take on a Belgian IPA. It was delicious, with a great hop punch and good malt sweetness. It’s a little higher in ABV, so pace yourself.

Next up was the El Jeffe Jalapeño Wheat, a lighter wheat beer with the kick of jalapeño peppers. I’m not usually all that in to pepper beers, because while I like spicy foods, they seem to have the heat without the flavor. This was one of the exceptions, as the fruity flavors of the peppers shone through. Yes, there was heat, but it was a component of a well rounded beer.

I finished off the tasting with a Knight RYEder, their take on an imperial stout, made with some rye malt. Rye’s been making an appearance in more and more craft brews, bringing its spiciness and body to various styles. It worked really well in this beer, balancing out the roasted malts and alcohol. I’d love to try this one in a barrel aged version, I bet that would be really tasty…