Bent Axles

After noticing some really bad tire wear, I decided that I’ve got to figure out what’s really wrong. The wear pattern on the front tires indicated a camber problem because the insides of the front tires are worn almost flat while the outsides have plenty of treat left. The problem is that Wranglers have solid front axles so there is no camber adjustment like on independent suspensions. So I took the Jeep to Dallas Frame & Alignment to have them look it over. It turns out that both axle housings were bent, the front worse than the rear, but still both bent. They’ve been straightened now and all I’ve got left is to replace the tires a few months earlier than I would have.

I’m thinking that the damage was caused when I took that trip to Clayton because I was doing stuff I really shouldn’t have been attempting with a stock Jeep. But what’s done is done and I know better now.