Checking Out A Kendo Dojo

I’ve been wanting to start studying Kendo for a while now, but really couldn’t put the time in to it that I wanted to due to school and wedding prep. Now that those are in the past, I’ve got the time. So I went up to the DFWKIK practice to check it out and was really impressed. The Iaido portion was really interesting, it’s not something I’d seen before, and I’m looking forward to studying some. I like the focus and control it seems to require. The Kendo portion was similar to what I’d expected: lots of noise, people getting hit, and instruction being given by the more senior members. Speaking of which, that was what sealed the deal for me. Watching the senior members work with the beginners give me a good feeling. It wasn’t like it was all kinder gentler instruction, but they were giving instruction and constructive feedback. I’m sending in my dues and ordering basic starter equipment as soon as I finish writing this. It looks like my first practice will be an Iaido basics, next Tuesday.