Chicago – Day 3

We had a few different things planned today. First, we went out and snagged some breakfast and then walked down to the Willis Tower and went up to the Skydeck. It’s 99 stories up, has a 360 degree view of Chicago, and has these glass ledges that hang out off the side of the tower. Reese had absolutely no trouble walking out on them, but for me that first step was really difficult. After that I was good, but it was still challenging…

From there we walked over to lunch and then on to the Chicago Federal Reserve‘s Money Museum. While it was small, there was a lot of information packed in to the exhibits, as well as quite a few historic bank notes to drool over. We checked everything out and then picked up our freebies, including some shredded money, before heading back to the hotel for some chill time before dinner.

After a short nap, we walked down to Frontera Grill to get some dinner. This was the big splurge of the trip, but I just couldn’t pass up eating at one of Rick Bayless’s restaurants. And getting to take Reese was a real bonus. We ordered some tuna ceviche to start things off, and not only did Reese try it, but he actually liked it. From there we went on to entrees and dessert. Reese tried a sampler, liked some, didn’t like others, and i had a great plate of goat. Overall, the food was fantastic and the service was great, so┬áif you’re in town you need to go eat there!