Dragonforce Concert

As a last minute treat for passing the RHCE, I picked up a ticket to the Dragonforce concert at the House of Blues – Dallas. First off, riding a motorcycle down there, even having to deal with the I-35 traffic, was a great choice. Parking was easy and I got out even before the first few valet cars were back.

The show was good, and the opening acts were really eclectic. The first one was a band called Powerglove, a video game metal band. Fun, not bad music, but definitely odd. The second act was Turisas, a Finnish viking metal band. Definitely fun to listen to. Good music, interesting lyrics, and just in general good. I probably wouldn’t go to see them as the headliner, but I wouldn’t bail if they’re an opening act again.

As for the headlining act, they kicked ass, plain and simple. Dragonforce rocks. I really missed good speed metal, guitars in chorus, and great lyrics which actually make sense. If you get a chance to check them out, do it! If all you’ve heard is their track in Guitar Hero III, you’re missing out on a lot more metal goodness! They were really in to the crowd, not just there to go through a set list and move on to the next gig. I just can’t say enough good about there.