FIOS Is Here!

The installation’s done. I’ve now got a 15/2 connection to the world. It’s running fine and I’m just waiting for all of the cached DNS information to expire so that e-mails and web traffic will start flowing back in again.

The installation was a breeze and the installer was professional and knowledgable. There were a few quirks, though. Because I needed static IPs I had to get one of the business packages as Verizon doesn’t offer static IP addresses on any of their residential plans. Due to that I had to call in to Verizon and spend darned near 2 hours getting them to open a ticket to move the voice service off of copper and on to fiber. That was the easy part, only taking about 20 minutes. The hard part was convincing Verizon to cancel the DSL circuit. Since I only had the circuit through them, with providing my IP connectivity, it was a little harder than it should have been to get to someone who could disconnect it.

None of this will be an issue if you have Verizon DSL (circuit and IP) and go to a residential FIOS offering. It’s the business package that throws everything for a loop!

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