Getting Molds Made For Custom Headphones

I’ve had some significant comfort issues with my Etymotic ER6i earplugs on longer rides. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve got really narrow ear canals and they get downright painful after three or four days under a helmet. I’ve been doing some research and have settled on EARInc’s iPlugz custom monitors. They’re made based on a mold of your ear canals, ensuring a good fit and a lot more comfort.

I went down to the Dallas Ear Nose and Throat Center today (don’t bother searching for them, you’ll get some other doctor’s website, which I showed them while I was there) to have the molds made. The process wasn’t too bad, a little uncomfortable when they put these little foam pieces way down my ear canals, but no big deal. The molds are on their way out to EARInc and I should have my new earplugs/speakers in a couple weeks.