Going Out Of Business Sale Bargains

One of the CompUSA stores near where I work is going out of business and having a huge sale. Based on some Internet searches it looks like they’ve marked things up before marking them down, but the markdowns are still making them good deals. I picked up some Mac stuff including an iCurve laptop stand, a MightyMouse, and a keyboard all for 50% off. I also picked up a new 900VA/540W APC UPS to supplement my current UPS. I’ve got that one up and running now and will probably head back over tomorrow to see if they’ve still got any and get another one so that I can replace the big rack mountable one that I’ve currently got.

The iCurve is great. It’s got the screen at a great height to work and with the new mouse and keyboard in place the Mac’s that much easier to use and it’s staying cooler as well!