Grad School Starts

Well… Today’s officially the first day of grad school and I’m busy signing in to resources, posting introductions, and generally getting class stuff in order. I’m taking 2 classes (Accounting and Operations Management) this semester, both deficiencies needed due to my tech heavy undergrad degree. It looks like the learning environment that UIS has implemented is usable in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Linux is the big surprise, but everything I’ve tried out so far has worked perfectly.

One thought on “Grad School Starts

  1. I doubt I’ll be going for my masters personally, but as an undergrad, I’m getting constant recommendations to take Accounting. I might just because, but I’m definitely more interested in the technical parts (and after having already taken the required Introduction to Business, Principles of Management, and Systems Analysis (and am going to take Project Management next semester), I’d really like to be over these business-type courses).

    At my school, the online learning environment is WebCT, which royally sucks (but is usable on Linux). Some of the third- and fourth-year classes are available on the school’s fork of Moodle, which is so much better (long story, the separately managed campus in my town only gives out certifications and two-year degrees, so for most upper-level classes, you either have to do them online or travel 100 or so miles to the main campus). Online learning systems is an interesting topic to me; I did my final paper in Systems Analysis on it.

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