Hollywood Is So Out Of Ideas

Ok, I’m a little biased because I used to be in the cast, but apparently MTV is talking about remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With new songs.

Seriously Hollywood, what’s going on in those coke addled brains of yours?

The original’s a classic precisely because of it’s shortcomings, it’s something which should be left alone to keep being the longest running theatrical release. You don’t need to “improve” it. It’s fine the way it is.

But then again, you talentless hacks, you’re no better than Disney, churning out direct-to-video sequels to movies which should have been left alone simply because it’s cheaper than taking a Peter Jackson-esque risk on something new.

Try spending a little time on finding the next 2001, Blade Runner, Ghost, Unforgiven, etc. instead of doing something which has already been done.