Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I got together with some friends to go see what’s being billed as the movie of the summer, the new Indiana Jones movie. It was a good movie, lots of fun to watch, a good story, good dialog, etc. I’m not going to bore anyone by rehashing the movie itself, since that’s being done to death everywhere else. But, here’s a few things I noticed.

The motorcycle used was in no way, shape, or form a 1950s era Harley-Davidson. It was a Harley, but based on the engine’s heads, it was a modern Twin-Cam 88 dressed up to look like a 1950s era Panhead.

How big was that bike’s gas tank?

Shia LaBeouf did a lot better job than I thought he would based on Transformers. Good to see that he’s got some range and isn’t going to get typecast.

And finally, who knew that refrigerators were so durable in the 1950s?