Joined The Evil Black Rifle Club

I went over to the FFL to pick up my AR-15 today. I guess I’m now a member of the Evil Black Rifle Club, but I’m really happy to have my membership card. It’s a Stag Arms 2L, a fully left handed 16″ barrel AR-15. I’m just about done buying right handed guns when there are left handed options out there, even if they cost more. Stag got my business because they’ve really committed to selling quality left handed AR variants, and while lefties only amount to about 10 percent of the population, I’m really happy they do. A range report will follow…

2 thoughts on “Joined The Evil Black Rifle Club

  1. So how cool is this? I’m looking at a blog revamp on a site I frequent, that leads me to B2Evolution’s homepage and there on the left is bikerscum. So I click on it, read a bit and find out you live in my neck of the woods.

    You have a kid, you ride bikes, go to church, shoot guns and plant garlic – have I got it about right? 🙂

    Anyway, feel free to delete this comment, I just find it interesting that the world is so small.

  2. I think if I knew lefty guns existed I might have hesitated to learn shooting right. OTOH I’ve come to accept that I ‘convey info’ (writing and so forth) like a righty and ‘have fun’ (baseball, frisbee) like a lefty. So does shooting righty mean “the information here is that I will kill you” or that I find no fun in shooting something or someone?

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