Judas Unchained

I finished Judas Unchained tonight. It was definitely a thick read, but worth the effort. It’s the sequel to Pandora’s Star, but even that’s not accurate. It’s more of a continuation than a sequel aince there’s almost no recap at the beginning and the story picks up right where Pandora’s Star left off.

It was a great book, I really liked the series and the universe created for it. The characters and situations were well designed. The heroes weren’t larger than life, and definitely had their flaws. The resolution of the main conflict has left room for more development in that universe, especially since the war with the Primes has really thrown the civilization into turmoil. I can see, if not a civil war, definitely a lot of change as the effects of the lost planets and their temporally and physically displaced inhabitants and the uncovery of how badly the Starflyer’s agents messed things up set in. I’d certainly buy another book set in that universe.