Kegging The Reception Beers

The first two batches of beer for the wedding reception, the brown ale and the stout, are now in kegs. All in all, the chest freezer fermentation chamber and the Better Bottles worked out better than I expected. The only hitch was that I started running low on CO2 while purging the kegs. So I ran down to Mr. G’s and picked up a second five pound cylinder. Now I shouldn’t get caught with no CO2 again.

2 thoughts on “Kegging The Reception Beers

  1. Does this reception coincide with DAB II?
    I like beer. 🙂
    I think I could find a blazer and a pair of slacks that still fit that almost looks like a suit, in the right light.
    Congrats BS, tilt a few on my behalf.

    • Thanks! The wedding is two weeks before DAB II. I’m not sure what of these beers will be left by then, but I’ve got two cases of barleywine bottles, brewed in memory of Heather’s dad, as well. A few of them might find their way to DAB II, as some sort of prize since on-site consumption is a really bad idea. I’m going to check with Redneck Engineer to see if that’ll be violating the range rules though.

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