LSJC Club Run

Today was the club run to Barnwell Mountain for the officers election. This was my first run with the lift and tires and I had a blast! We ran Spider Ravine, Clydes Ravine, Venom Loop, Sunday Drive, and after lunch, Chaos Canyon. I was wiped out and headed home after that, but the Jeep performed well. Even if I did pick a bad line on Clydes Ravine and ended up doing a pretty good squirrel impersonation. I think I freaked out the Rubicon behind me since he got on the CB and declared that he was taking the bypass.

The next thing I’ve got to do to the Jeep is to install a locker on at least the front axle. I got myself into a little trouble that I would have walked out of if I’d been locked.

Here’s a link to the pictures.

1 thought on “LSJC Club Run

  1. The pic of the red rubicon unlimited going though the creek in spider ravine is great, my buddy who has a black one just like it, couldn’t handle it as well and while going over the root put his left front fender in the creek wall. . .he hasn’t even made a payment on the jeep yet(but no worries-I was spoting him over the root, someone else was spotting the other side)

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