I found a little free time in the schedule to get over to Macworld today and check things out. It’s just as crazy and crowded as it was last year. Most of the usual suspects are back and there were a few new ones as well.

The MacBook Air is impressively small, but there are far better articles out there on it and the rest of the keynote hype so I’m not going to waste my time.

I didn’t do that much shopping this year, though I am trying to put together a disk array to move some of my larger chunks of data, such as my Aperture library and my iMovie projects, to. Lots of vendors there with eSATA hardware RAID boxes, just a little out of my budget right now.

I did pick up a Aperture specific keyboard overlay from KB Covers. It fits right over my external keyboard and has all of the Aperture specific keyboard shortcuts printed on it. There’s stuff on there that I didn’t know I could do without digging through menus!

I also found a great deal on a new laptop bag. I’ve got a laptop backpack that I’ve been using for a while now, but I wanted something a little different, like a messenger bag. STM had a booth and had a few samples of a bag that they’re introducing later this year for sale. It’s a messenger bag which can be converted to a backpack. It fits my 17″ MacBook Pro perfectly and has an additional compartment behind the main one for accessories. It’s as close to exactly what I am looking for as I’m likely to find and it’s coming home with me.