Macworld Day 2

Due to some unfortunate engineering I’ve been in a quandary with regards to getting my DV videos off of the camcorder. It turns out that the camcorder does something to lock the FireWire bus and the only way it’ll work is to make sure that it’s the only device on the bus. Unfortunately, that means that the external storage for all of those bulky video files isn’t available and I don’t have the drive space to move the videos off onto the main drive.

Macworld to the rescue! I found an ExpressCard 34 eSATA adapter which supports port multiplication (for later expansion) and a cable so that I could connect the external drive to the eSATA bus and the camcorder to the FireWire bus. Imports now work smoothly and the drive seems a bit faster than when it was on the FireWire bus.

I also picked up a pair of Etymotic‘s ER-20 Ety-Plugs earplugs. They were also kind enough to give me a few more tips and filters, plus a shirt. Yay swag!