MITM 2015 – Day 3

That was a chilly night, but after all these trips to the farm, I’m used to it. This morning’s plan was to get moving, head in to town for breakfast and a fuel stop before heading up to Peoria to see Reese. The was in the low 40s with a strong wind, which made things a little unpleasant. But with a couple layers and the Road Glide’s fairing, it was comfortable enough. I made it up to Peoria a little before lunch, and got to spend some time with Reese doing some gaming and talking, before we headed out to run some errands and hit up Five Guys for some burgers.

Reese has been having trouble getting certain of his Xbox One games’ multi-player functionality working and I’ve been suspecting that it’s the wireless router for some time. So we hit up Best Buy and picked up a much newer one. After lunch, we set it up and got everything configured so that their wireless devices wouldn’t notice the difference. Then we cranked up Titanfall and tried to connect in to a game. It worked perfectly, so we’re going to call that problem solved.

Sadly, I had to head back down to the farm, so we said our goodbyes and I got back on the road. It was still chilly, but not too bad, and I made it back just in time for dinner. We grilled up burgers and brats, and we got to enjoy some homemade rhubarb pie and heirloom tomatoes thanks to Milo and Janet. After that we retired to the fire to enjoy the evening before we all headed home.